Anthony Rapp Shouldn’t Have Apologized to Brett Kavanaugh

Kevin Spacey Calls Initial Apology to Anthony Rapp a Mistake in Civil Trial

‘I’m so sorry that my conduct brought upon this’

The initial apology was a big mistake

In light of Anthony Rapp’s initial apology to Brett Kavanaugh earlier today, I just wanted to post here in case anyone thinks he shouldn’t have apologized to this guy.

And by “this guy,” I mean Kavanaugh, because I’m not going to name him. But, just to get the lay of the land here, for the last two decades, in the public sphere and among other people, Anthony Rapp has been on some kind of watchlist.

The first time was in 2006 when he was on “America’s Most Wanted,” and later that year he was on “America’s Most Wanted 2: Fugitive 2, in which he was considered to be ‘the most dangerous man in America.’ He was on “Criminal Minds” with John Walsh in 2007, where he was “the most dangerous man in America.”

And then, one year later, in 2008, he was on “Criminal Minds” again, this time with Mark Wahlberg, which led to another wave of speculation that he might be in the National Security Council, as was speculated upon in The New Yorker.

He was interviewed by the Washington Post for the first time in 2010, and then he was on the cover of Time Magazine on April 20, 2011, with, yes, Anthony Rapp standing in front of a U.S. Capitol sign, and then in 2012 he was on the cover of Esquire with a photo of his “head on a pillow,” presumably with a head wound, and, also, allegedly a “rape mask” around his face.

So, now we’ve come to Kavanaugh’s time on the cover of Esquire, and then Brett Kavanaugh’s second time on the cover of Esquire, when he was supposedly “a victim of sexual assault,” which was certainly the lead story

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