Argentine President Mauricio Macri Receives Resignation Letter from Agriculture Minister Julio Pealver

Argentinian minister quits in protest over detention of indigenous leaders

The Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Julio Peñalver, resigned Friday in protest at the detention of three prominent environmental groups in Argentina, while at the same time, the president of Argentina’s agricultural association, Miguel Braun, was also suspended after failing to publicly disclose the reason for his detention. Peñalver announced his resignation on Twitter, stating that he was quitting in protest against the “illegal treatment of an Argentine Indigenous leader and his family”. Braun posted a message that read, “I have made the decision to resign my position as President of the Agricultural Institute of Argentina, but I am ready to return if required, as the right of all Argentines is more important than a personal and political issue.”

Indigenous rights activists take down Argentine president after government suspends protest against environmental activist detention

President Mauricio Macri, who is from the conservative Frente de Todos party, received the resignation letter from Peñalver on Sunday as Argentina’s main opposition leader, the leader of the centre-left coalition, Jorge Triaca, tweeted his support and that they have been in communication. He also stated that “the resignation of a former minister doesn’t mean another war against nature in one of the planet’s most developed countries.” Macri’s main opponent, Mauricio Macri, said on Monday that he had accepted Peñalver’s resignation, stating that he respected the former minister’s decision. The next day, during a news conference at the Casa Rosada, Prime Minister of Argentina Cristina Fernández de Kirchner said that she had “received a letter from the minister of agriculture and it is our duty to study it and understand”.

Minister of Agriculture Julio Peñalver resigns in protest of indigenous leader’s detention while President Mauricio Macri’s main opponent, Mauricio Macri, is seen with Peñalver

The head of the president’s main foe, Cambiemos party leader Mauricio Macri

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