Brendan Fraser apologizes to woman who was nearly hit in traffic jam

Brendan Fraser apologizes for causing a traffic jam while filming ‘George of the Jungle’ 25 years ago

Brendan Fraser has apologized to a woman who was nearly hit in one of the traffic jams he filmed 25 years ago.

In a video he says he was “stupid” and “silly,” and that he wishes to apologize to the woman in the car who was nearly hit.

The video, which features Fraser, his then-fiancée Sarah Lund and their then-five-year-old son Sean, premiered on Facebook in January 2018.

“I’d like to apologize to the lady in the red car who was nearly hit in my film today,” Fraser said in the video.

“I made a stupid mistake and am very sorry about it. I know it wasn’t an easy mistake to make.”

The woman, who told People that she had been visiting her aunt in the United States and was crossing a road where Fraser was filming, then gets out of her car and walks up to Fraser.

She asked if she could move the car and Fraser obliged.

The woman was not hit, but she is now going to have her car towed because she received an email informing her that her insurance would not cover her expenses.

In the video, Fraser does not give a reason for causing a traffic jam.

“Brendan was very quick to stop filming as our car passed,” said Lund. “I told him the traffic was very heavy, and that it was a hazard for us and I asked him to move back a little bit.”

“I wish him luck, and hope he keeps his sense of humor,” she added.

A clip from the video, taken from behind the car, shows the moment Lund says Fraser nearly hit her.

“He said, ‘Don’t worry, I won’t hit you, Sarah,’ and that I should get in the car. I asked him to move over

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