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Church of Scientology is facing a rape scandal in Britain

Church of Scientology is facing a rape scandal in Britain

Church of Scientology is on opposite ends of two celebrity rape cases in L.A., New York and London.

On Friday, the Church of Scientology was forced to withdraw from an event in New York due to allegations that it used drugs or provided drugs. But the church has been repeatedly involved and is one of many celebrities accused in the past few days in the rape and sexual assault of at least two women in the last two days.

It’s not the first time the powerful church has had to turn down large events. Earlier this month, The Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach announced it would not be able to host the Church of Scientology’s gala due to claims that the church did not provide drugs to a number of the event’s performers.

The church did not respond Saturday to ABC News’ requests for comment.

In London, the Church of Scientology faced a different legal situation after a woman came forward alleging she was one of several women sexually assaulted in 2010, a year after the church was expelled from Britain’s Celebrity Big Brother. The church says all the women have since renounced their accusations.

Police confirmed to ABC News on Saturday that no rape charges have been brought in Britain’s largest city, where the church was expelled in 2013.

The church has always denied rape allegations, and the church’s website says it “denies allegations of any form of sexual misconduct by any members. We do not tolerate acts of violence, abuse or any other type of sexual harassment in any form.”

The church was also at the center of a sexual abuse scandal in New York in 2014, when the church’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard, was ordered by a judge to pay $6.5 million to a woman who alleged that he sexually abused her as a child.

Hubbard was ordered to pay the woman $3 million of the $6.5 million settlement, $1 million to her attorney representing her, and $2 million in punitive damages to the church, according to the New York Department of Financial Services. Hubbard has denied the allegations, and he is among the most powerful men in

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