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Dmitri Shvedov is the nephew of a Russian tennis player

Dmitri Shvedov is the nephew of a Russian tennis player

Russian teenager banned from tennis for nine months following anti-doping breach

Tennis fan’s uncle was at the Paris Masters last month when he saw a young man being escorted out of a press conference by police.

He heard his name called and saw a doctor being led out by police.

He then heard his nephew, a player, shouting “Fuck off, I’m not doing anything wrong.”

Dmitry Shvedov

And that set him off.

Tennis fans call Dmitry one of the world’s biggest upsets.

The 20-year-old has just withdrawn from Wimbledon after being found guilty of a breach of anti-doping regulations and banned from tennis for nine months.

He will be prohibited from competing in any tournaments, but he is allowed to play for his country in the 2018 Olympics in Spain.

So who is the 20-year-old Russian tennis player called Dmitri Shvedov?

It turns out Shvedov is the nephew of the former Soviet Premier League footballer.

Shvedov’s tennis career lasted just one season, and he played just one tournament.

He went on to play for the Russian Olympic Squad.

Shvedov did not play at the Olympics this summer, but now wants to compete at Wimbledon.

He has not played since September.

We spoke to him and asked him why he did not appeal, why he did not play at the Olympics.

Dmitry’s uncle is on a visit to London, but has agreed to speak with us.

He said: “For us, it was not that important.

“My nephew had a good record, but if he had not done something he would probably not come back.”

He added that he was only in contact when his nephew was playing tournaments.

He said: “Now I cannot visit him. I am not allowed to go to the courts. I cannot go to the swimming pools. I cannot visit the club. I cannot visit Dmitri’s friends.

“I have many people who love him, but I cannot

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