Fentanyl Candy Found at Los Angeles International Airport

12,000 suspected fentanyl pills found in candy boxes at LAX security checkpoint, police say

‘The most popular drug in the world’?

‘This drug is cheap, easy to get, and deadly.’

For years, travelers have noticed a disturbing trend at some airport security checkpoints: Fentanyl.

The drug is so-called because its street name is “Fentanyl 50,” but it is much more powerful than heroin or morphine, both of which contain fentanyl’s chemical cousin. This powerful painkiller is becoming more prevalent at airports across America, according to a report on the DEA’s Web site.

For months, Los Angeles International Airport officials knew about the drug, but were not sure, because it is still unknown whether or not it is in the country.

Last week, an inspector discovered approximately 10,000 fentanyl-laced candy boxes at an airport security check point. The candy’s contents were shipped as “chocolates,” so they were placed in plastic candy containers that can be placed in luggage or a person’s carry-on bag.

“The most popular drug in the world?” asked a message written on the side of the container, which read, “The most powerful narcotic in the world. Fentanyl is a highly potent opioid that can kill.”

According to the DEA, the fentanyl-laced candy was found in a “canned cookie” and a “canned dessert” at the L.A.X. checkpoint.

“It made me think about the candy bars and cookies of the world,” said L.A. Airport spokesman Michael Schiff. “They’re just everywhere, and what you eat and drink is the same everywhere.”

Schiff said other people also noticed the fentanyl contamination.

Passenger James Davis said he noticed the tell

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