Jane Fonda is charged with having marijuana in her house

Camille Vasquez and her law firm reportedly aren’t representing Kanye West anymore, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s fired, either. The reason is simple: “She’s a very talented young lady,” said Covington & Burling spokesman David Boies.

If her lawyer’s resume sounds a little familiar, it’s because she also worked as a lawyer for Jay-Z, with whom she was photographed with in a 2007 photo that you probably can’t unsee. (It was leaked by his lawyer the following week.) The woman who looks like the model that made famous by C+B is now a celebrity publicist, and she’s not the only one who’s had her career stunted by the rapper’s antics. The legal profession has made it crystal clear that celebrity litigators can be a mixed blessing.

We’re always trying to figure out how long it’s going to take for rappers, actors or politicians to get busted. Sometimes it takes years. Sometimes it takes months and sometimes it takes days. Most recently it took rappers Puff Daddy and Biggie Smalls.

But a big part of being an effective rapper is taking a lot of crap from people who should know better. Jay-Z once told “Interview” magazine, “I don’t know what a man does when he goes out with a bunch of girls,” and now he’s in jail.

Mick Jagger’s wife, Jane Fonda, was busted on Thursday after authorities said they found marijuana in the couple’s home, according to the New York Post. Jane was allegedly caught smoking marijuana on the first floor of their Bel Air, California, home and charged with a misdemeanor possession of the drug.

Jane Fonda has reportedly never smoked marijuana, yet she’s charged with having it in her house. The “Anvil,” as Jane was previously known, appeared in two movies with her husband, the Rocker, and is a co-host of his reality TV show, The Jay-Z Family. Jay-Z and Jane, who starred in a movie together in 2004, have reportedly been separated for years.

Jane Fonda is perhaps the most famous celebrity that seems to take getting busted for pot too seriously

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