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Johnny Simmons is on probation for violating his parole

Johnny Simmons is on probation for violating his parole

Will Smith is on ‘probation’ with Black Hollywood. But it may not last much longer.

Probation is a serious business. In a month, it could be the death sentence for star Johnny Simmons, who plays Smith’s lawyer in “The Departed.”

A Los Angeles judge on Thursday morning ordered that Smith be put on intensive probation, meaning, essentially, that he will serve one year behind bars, and then will be allowed to serve the remainder of his jail term on house arrest. A hearing on that decision, which takes place next week, is scheduled for Feb. 24.

“I appreciate your time,” Smith said in court Thursday. “If you do think I can contribute, I really want to be able to contribute. Whatever your decision is, I’ll respect it.”

Smith’s lawyer said his client had been granted a full one-year probation, but that he must abide by the terms.

Judge Ronald Rotunda ordered Smith, who is white, to serve his sentence on home detention, meaning that if he’s not on the streets of Los Angeles, he must stay off the face of the earth. It’s a far cry from the “probation” he went to prison for.

Simmons’ troubles hit him hard after he was arrested in March on a DUI charge. He was sentenced to five days in jail, which he served in the company of a friend. Three months later, he was arrested again, this time for violating his parole. Upon arrival at the jail, he was told that because of his previous DUI, he had been granted no jail time the first time he showed up. For violating his parole, Smith was handed out a two-year sentence, which he served on the streets of Los Angeles.

Smith spent the next five months locked up, mostly in a jail cell and at night in a cell with other men. He was released on a personal bond on Nov. 5.

The trouble came back to haunt Smith when he was arrested on new charges on Jan. 4 for driving under the influence and failing to stop after he was stopped by a cop for traveling at nearly double the speed limit on a freeway. He was sentenced to three years in jail.

On May 27, he was found in the streets of Los Angeles lying in the middle of a street with blood in his lap.

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