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Judge Gardephe Sets Trial Date for Oct. 16

Judge Gardephe Sets Trial Date for Oct. 16

Mel Gibson can testify at Harvey Weinstein trial, judge rules

MGM Studios chief Harvey Weinstein and his lawyer have each submitted to the court a limited number of possible witnesses who may be called at his criminal trial.

As he enters the courtroom for the third day of what is set to be a long trial, Weinstein’s attorney Lyle Denniston told U.S. District Court Judge Paul G. Gardephe that he has had more than 30 people contact him since Tuesday about being potential witnesses or potential experts.

Denniston described Weinstein’s list of possible witnesses as “pretty extensive” but said that he would need more time to review.

Gardephe agreed to give Weinstein additional time.

The judge also said he would review Weinstein’s “proposed stipulation” regarding the witnesses he claims he has proposed and would rule on their relevance to the charges in the indictment before hearing any evidence for the first time.

The judge said that if he agrees with Weinstein’s list, he will hear each witness individually with a view to determining whether he knows them and whether they would be helpful to the prosecution.

One of Weinstein’s attorneys is quoted by the Washington Post as saying that Weinstein wants each of Weinstein’s alleged victims to testify in his defense.

Gardephe called his comments “a little surprising.”

He then set the trial date for Oct. 16, noting that Weinstein’s lawyers had until 11:59 p.m. on Thursday to file their opening briefs.

After the trial, Gardephe said Monday, he would issue separate rulings on Weinstein’s motions to dismiss the indictment and to suppress evidence.

He also said he would issue an order denying Weinstein’s motions for an evidentiary hearing on several issues related to the case, including whether his accusers have been deprived of their due process rights and whether their testimony could be used against him.

Gardephe said Tuesday that the hearing that he has set for the week of Oct. 16 may be “a little more elaborate” than the one he previously set, but he wouldn’t reveal its details. He said the hearing would discuss whether Weinstein’s proposed witnesses could be ruled irrelevant or “more prejudicial” than relevant and whether Weinstein should be allowed to present evidence on the

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