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Kelly Rowland defends Chris Brown in a tough situation

Kelly Rowland defends Chris Brown in a tough situation

Chris Brown should be forgiven, Kelly Rowland says after defending him at awards show

During an emotional speech at the BET Awards, Kelly Rowland came out to defend Chris Brown in what was certainly a tough situation. “I think he is an artist. I think he can do different things in his own music,” said the Grammy-winning singer.

Rowland, who was booed off stage by Brown – who was dressed as a clown – acknowledged that the singer was an “artist” who had been treated unfairly. She later added that “There’s times where a story needs to be told and I think that was the one.”

But she also defended Brown, saying: “I think he is an artist. He put himself out there and I can understand that he wants people to hear him. Whether he did or didn’t do the right thing, people were offended. What I heard is he’s like ‘This song, I did what I have to do to make people feel something.’”

Following the uproar that followed the Grammy-winning singer’s alleged domestic abuse towards Rihanna, Rowland has been accused of being silent about Brown’s behaviour. In an interview with W Magazine, Rowland was asked if she’d spoken to Brown about it.

“It felt like it was important to be there while she was being supported and not get involved in any way and not say anything,” she replied. “I’ve said, ‘When this is all finished, then I can speak to him about what we did.’ And at this point, as far as I’m concerned we are in the same ship now.”

Rowland’s statement was followed by a call by Brown’s manager to have Rowland speak out against him, claiming that she’d been

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