Ron DeSantis Wins Florida Governor’s Race

Jackie Calmes: Ron DeSantis proves that cruetly is a Republican trait.

Florida Republicans have been celebrating the election of Ron DeSantis as the state’s next governor. It was a race that was as close as it was ever going to come. The only real question is whether the Republican party can maintain its majority in the state legislature. Will Republicans be able to maintain their majority in the state senate?

To say that the race was close would be an understatement and it was only thanks to the efforts of the Florida Democratic Party that the margin was still as close as it was.

It was a two-tie win for DeSantis over Democratic candidate Andrew Gillum and many are comparing this win as if it was an upset. Yet, the reality is that the race could have easily been in the bag for Gillum. The only reason he was even close was the fact that he pulled ahead in a county that has been an almost monolithic Democratic stronghold for a long time.

The Republican party will be hoping that they can make sure that the Florida legislature remains a Republican government when Republicans hold the governor’s office next year. It could be a good year politically and could be a good political year for the Florida GOP.

In Florida, Republicans have never won a gubernatorial race and DeSantis is just the first to win in the Sunshine State.

Ron DeSantis won an election today that Republicans in Florida could be celebrating in years to come. He has proven that being a conservative, is a Republican trait. While he was successful in winning the election, he was a far cry from a conservative.

Ron DeSantis would like to think that he won Florida hands down. We can’t know what is going through his mind but it would please him greatly if he thought this win could end the Democrat party’s political rule of the state.

But the reality is that Ron DeSantis is a far cry

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