Steve McIntyre’s Case for US Soccer — US Soccer Board Fired McIntyre

U.S. soccer president tells CNN more misconduct cases reported in recent years

(CNN) — When Steve McIntyre resigned as US Soccer president in 2010 amid several investigations into his relationship with his ex-wives, one of his final acts was to ask a federal judge to hold the US Soccer case in limbo.

Steve McIntyre has taken his case to the US Court of Appeals to defend his decision to resign as US Soccer president and urge that the case be allowed to move forward.

“It is difficult to explain the process and what we are trying to do to the court,” McIntyre told CNN in an interview after the US Soccer board fired him. “It’s always been our view that the court will ultimately decide when the case is closed.”

When the US Soccer board fired the former president last year in a unanimous decision, the board cited “serious concerns regarding the personal conduct, integrity and character of Mr. McIntyre as an officer of US Soccer and its staff.”

McIntyre has said he has asked the US Soccer board to revisit the case but has not received a response. He said: “I don’t have anything else new at this point and I’ll leave it at that.”

The US Soccer board’s decision to fire McIntyre came as several other US Soccer staffers were also embroiled in controversy, but none quite as grave as what the US Soccer board found in McIntyre.

The investigation into him was led by the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, at which the US Soccer board was also headquartered.

Following a string of reported misconduct allegations against McIntyre and others, including a lawsuit from one of his daughters, US Soccer had to go to federal court to review its own actions in removing McIntyre.

When the US Soccer board fired McIntyre in January, it said the allegations included “unethical

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