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The Biden family’s ouster from Burisma raises red flags

The Biden family's ouster from Burisma raises red flags

Garland’s double standard — a special counsel for Trump but not Hunter and Joe Biden — that led to his resignation as attorney general.

Trump on Monday issued a rare statement on his eldest son’s ouster, blaming the Biden family for the distraction that is now marring his presidency, and saying he will return to the job of protecting Americans from foreign interference in elections.

But it was his top national security official, Robert O’Brien, who put Hunter Biden on the cover of Foreign Affairs magazine after Trump attacked him over his business dealings.

“In addition to the political liability he brought to the office, he also damaged our ability to conduct our foreign policy and to deal with the challenges presented by the rise of right-wing authoritarianism and the Russian government’s interference in our election,” Trump wrote.

Hunter Biden’s ouster was the latest in a series of high-profile firings since Trump was elected.

His critics say the move could embolden foreign powers that hope to influence the upcoming 2018 midterms.

Hunter Biden’s ouster from the board of Burisma Holdings raised a number of red flags:

1. It was unusual to remove someone from the board if that person would still serve for a year, as was the case with Hunter Biden.

2. The appointment of a “career” board member was highly unusual, as there are no rules or regulations governing who should participate on the board, and those with significant experience in the industry do not normally participate on the board.

3. The timing of the appointment raised concerns about possible political motives.

The Hunter Biden connection

The Biden family ties to Burisma raised a number of questions about Hunter’s role on the board.

A report from the Wall Street Journal in September outlined a host of issues, revealing that the family had ties to Ukrainian interests in the past and that Joe Biden

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