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The Dust Storm Could Bring Large Volumes of Fine Dust to Old Town

The Dust Storm Could Bring Large Volumes of Fine Dust to Old Town

How an ‘ancient landslide’ keeps threatening a railroad, homes in San Clemente

When the wind suddenly picks up, the dust kicks up like billows of snow, only to blow right back into the street.

A dust storm is exactly what the residents of Old Town could look forward to early Thursday morning, as a major storm system moves into southern California.

The National Weather Service says gusts could reach 60 mph, and areas to the south could see winds as high as 79 mph.

And just like a dust storm, it will likely bring large amounts of the fine dust that has been a major problem at the West Coast ports.

“It’s not a normal situation, and we’ve seen an increase of dust in the air and in the air in coastal and inland areas the last few weeks,” U.S. Air Force meteorologist Steve Slater tells the Journal. “I don’t think anybody expects dust to be this bad, and that’s been going on in the past couple of weeks.”


Wind gusts to the south of Los Angeles could reach up to 60 mph, the National Weather Service said, but the winds will pass through soon enough.

But the strong winds could create problems for San Clemente and San Diego.

The National Weather Service in San Diego has issued a dust advisory for the area:

A dust advisory is in effect for the San Diego area from Thursday morning through early Sunday morning.

A dust advisory is in effect from Thursday afternoon through Sunday morning for Santa Rosa and Riverside counties, and from Thursday morning through Friday evening for Ventura and Kern counties.

The National Weather Service also warns that dust storms during the upcoming winter have been linked to high winds that may pick up from the north on Thursday or Friday.

“We usually have very good dust and strong winds,” Slater said. “But this time, you’ve got to be careful about it.”

The National Weather Service said coastal

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