The High-Speed Pursuit of a Speeding Motorcycle and a Pickup Truck

High-speed pursuit from San Diego ends in standoff near LAX; person in custody

A couple of high-speed pursuits occurred in Southern California over the past week, resulting in both the suspect fleeing and the public agencies involved with capturing him.

The first involved Los Angeles Police Department officers. After a speeding motorcycle and a pickup truck made contact on Interstate 5 about 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, officers attempted to stop the vehicles. In the early going, L.A. police said the motorcycle and the truck were traveling “at speeds approaching 100 mph.”

“This was an ongoing pursuit as it progressed and involved multiple agencies and several vehicles,” L.A. Police Department Officer Juan Gomez said. “The motorcycle operator began ramming the officers and they used their lights and sirens to bring him down to the ground. The officers continued their chase and eventually were able to detain the passenger of the motorcycle, resulting in him being arrested. The driver of the pickup truck attempted to flee on foot following officers, but was eventually detained on the ground and arrested.”

After the capture of the passenger in the motorcycle, the initial pursuit of the pickup truck continued.

“It was a high-speed chase,” Cpl. Gabriel Martinez said. “The motorcycle was clocked at over 100 mph in excess of the 30-mile maximum speed limit on Interstate 5, and it continued to travel westbound in violation of the speed limit westbound. The motorcycle was eventually disabled just north of the 110 Freeway.”

The driver of the motorcycle, however, fled on foot after being arrested.

A second pursuit occurred near Lancaster, which was captured on Wednesday afternoon from the same Los Angeles Police Department officers that were involved in Tuesday’s pursuit.

“This was a high-speed chase on I-5,” L.A. Police Sgt. Jason Alameda said. “It went from south to north around Lancaster. We had a high-speed chase to the north around Lancaster and eventually captured the driver at that location.”

The suspect was arrested at that location.

“Our officers made numerous attempts to make contact with him,” Alameda said. “He eventually escaped on foot.

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