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The Left Is Taking Credit for the DNC Leaks

The Left Is Taking Credit for the DNC Leaks

Editorial: GOP responds to Pelosi attack with cruel, baseless jokes. It’s shameful.

As I predicted Friday, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, and her chief of staff, Cheri Bustos, were in for the surprise of their lives this weekend thanks to their attack on Republican House members for voting with the president when they wanted to vote no.

It was a calculated campaign, and one the Democrats had come up with just in time for the holidays. But I can assure you, Speaker Pelosi’s staff is not the only group that is laughing.

In fact, the left is at it again:

1. The president is playing “Russian collusion” with the left, by blaming the “Russians” for the DNC leaks.

2. The “Russians” are also involved in the DNC leaks. And it’s the White House, not the Russians, that is taking credit for the leaks.

The only thing that’s funny about all this is that while the liberal press is busy blaming the left for giving the Democrats the election, they can’t find anybody to blame for sending the Democrats to power in the first place.

They blame Russian President Vladimir Putin for interfering with the election for Hillary Clinton, but the real culprit is the Democratic Party.

The American left is guilty of everything Democrats stand for. They have no principles other than money, power and social justice. They support the Democratic party in spite of their opposition to it, they don’t believe in a free market, they have no problem with the government taking away guns, and they don’t believe in the free market, they have a problem with the free market.

In the past couple of weeks, they’ve become so radical they have even thrown away the Bill of Rights.

“The left is guilty of everything Democrats stand for.”

We’re going to need a new Bill of Rights, and the one we currently have is going to have to go by the wayside.

A new Bill of Rights would state that this nation shall be governed by the rule

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