The Murder of a Mexican Journalist

A Mexican journalist was murdered. It wasn’t the end of the story. The story continued and so, too, did the work for the next day. The murders of the Mexican journalist and the American woman have become symbols in the battle over undocumented immigrants. And in a way, it doesn’t matter. The stories have their own life force, their own gravity, all the way back to the time when the journalist was killed two months ago in Acapulco.

The story began at that time. The day after the murder, a different journalist, a woman with a Mexican name, was murdered in Acapulco as well. The murderer who killed the woman, a man by the name of Jose Antonio Vargas Guereca, had been arrested the day after the murder of the Mexican journalist and was being held in a police station there. After the two bodies were stolen from the police station, they were shipped back to their respective countries. The Mexican journalist’s body was returned to his family in Mexico and the American woman’s body was returned to her family in the United States. The newspapers reported at great length about the murder of the Mexican journalist while the newspaper only offered little to no details of this crime, only saying that the body of the woman had been found dumped.

The Mexican journalist was murdered while working on an article about the violence in Acapulco, a place where many of the most dangerous criminals in the world live.

The Mexican journalist had been working on an article about the violence in the city since early May when he had been hired by a Mexican news agency. The piece about the violence was titled “The Other Side of Acapulco.” According to the article, the violence was widespread and had become a problem that was affecting the population. “During these few months,” the article began, “the state has been experiencing a growing number of violent incidents, which have forced many citizens to seek refuge in neighboring cities and towns, resulting in tens of thousands fleeing the violence.”

The article goes on further to detail the violence and how it affected the population. The city was a dangerous place. “The city is filled with criminals and criminals, it is a place where there are no rules, where the only rule is to kill people.” There was an element of violence that was very strong in Acapulco. The violence was so strong that people began to flee the city in droves.

In the article, the journalist wrote how he was living in Ac

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