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The Puddle Project: The Puddle Project

The Puddle Project: The Puddle Project

A Slow Dance Toward a ‘Beautifully Intoxicating’ Romance

In the spring of 1990, a group of twenty-somethings from the U.K.’s Oxford University, who were going by the name of Puddle, released the album Everything Is Everything. The album was a landmark of sorts, one that showcased the talents of a band that had been a part of the scene for only one year. Since then, Puddle has gone on to write and release a series of notable albums that were both commercially successful and artistically successful. The band itself has gone on to release two LPs (Puddle Puddle Music, and Puddle Puddle Music 2), as well as six EPs, five of which have seen Puddle release their music independently.

The Puddle Project, as Puddle dubbed its musical journey, has seen numerous ups and downs, as well as an endless number of success. Puddle is currently playing an active role in bringing more attention to Puddle’s music, as well as promoting its artists. In the process, Puddle has even seen a few record contracts with various record labels. However, despite all this, Puddle is still striving to find its own path in the music industry, and is seemingly as much a part of that path as anything else. For now, Puddle will be playing with the likes of Coldplay and Cold War Kids at upcoming shows in the U.S.

Puddle’s success has not only led to more exposure for the band as a whole, but it has also led to more exposure for Puddle’s two members, Michael Foy and Rob Young. In an interview with The Independent, Young discusses his relationship with Foy, his thoughts on their relationship, and the evolution of the band’s musical style.

“The two of us in ‘the Puddle’ have a very natural chemistry,” Young said. “We’re actually really good friends from the very beginning. When we started writing music, we were writing the same kind of music, with the same sort of attitude. That’s probably what we’re really proud of

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