The Queen is suffering from “severe mental health problems,” according to multiple sources

Prince Harry says he never heard the words ‘therapy’ or ‘coaching’ in the royal family, but Prince William has been diagnosed with “traumatic stress disorder” that has been “a big part of his life”. William, 33, opened up about his medical concerns in an interview with The Sun. The tabloid also reported that Queen Elizabeth, 57, suffers from a form of dementia and needs constant care, due to a history of heart problems and heart surgery.

William, who is engaged to American actress Kate Middleton, was diagnosed with the mental illness after being exposed to the death of his father, Prince Charles, in a car crash in July 2012. He has been open about his struggles with his mental health. This isn’t the first time that royals have admitted to being affected by mental illness or have spoken out about their mental health in the media: Prince Harry was admitted to a psychiatric hospital last year after being attacked by the paparazzi.

The Queen is suffering from “severe mental health problems,” according to multiple sources. She was diagnosed with “depressive symptoms” by her doctor and is not considered a danger to herself and those around her. The Queen has been reported in the past to be bipolar and has been open about her struggles with mental illness. She is reported to have been hospitalized multiple times in recent years for depression and anxiety.

As a result, the Queen has a full-time carer, or a permanent official, whom she sees on a daily basis. The Queen was also hospitalized for depression in 2001, according to The Sun, but had to do some time in a care home after the illness worsened. Elizabeth’s current health issues are believed to have started with heart problems, which have led to stress-induced sleep deprivation, according to The Sun.

The Queen would be a more difficult person to interview than William was. Her schedule as monarch and head of state has led to her isolation and privacy. We’re not sure if William would have been able to open up about his problems without the aid of her care.

One of the most difficult people to interview about mental illness

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