The Secret Prisons

GREG GUTFELD: Who are the real election tamperers?

From the start, there has been a problem with fraud in elections. Who is causing it? Is it the Russians, the Chinese, the Iranians, or some other group? And how can people be warned so they can avoid being targeted by these groups?

In 2004, as The Atlantic’s Jane Mayer wrote, “In the summer of 2004, the Bush-Cheney-Rice administration began a ‘war on terror’ in Iraq, and it did it by first sending thousands of troops to Iraq and then creating a network of secret prisons, known as secret prisons, in which many of the suspected terrorists were sent to be interrogated.”

The term “secret prison” was coined by journalists, and it was one of the first things they wrote about at the time. They wrote, “Secret prisons” because they were not open to the public. They were like “black sites,” secret sites that could be secret at the top level, but where the public was informed to look out for themselves.

And they wrote, “in 2004” because they wanted to be really careful, because there were still plenty of people in the Bush administration that thought that 2004 might be a great year for “enforcing the war on terror.” They thought that there might be a few extra months in which to enforce the war on terror.

“We’ve got to be looking to the next campaign, which we hope may be in 2008,” said Michael Brown, the former Republican congressman who was director of the National Security Council during President Bush’s first term.

The Bush administration was counting on the 2004 election to be a perfect excuse to deploy the troops, the lawyers, the intelligence and law firms. They said, “We’ve got to be looking to the next campaign.”

That was their rationale

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