Toronto man infected with H7N9 virus spreads to others, leading to cluster

Toronto Public Health confirms first three cases of Omicron variant in city

Brentwood man infected with virus spreads it to others, leading to cluster

By John R. Ellement

HealthDay Reporter

Friday, August 06, 2014

Toronto Public Health investigators are continuing to work on a case of what is believed to be a novel variant of H7N9 virus.

The virus was identified through tests being done by Public Health Ontario’s Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Toronto Public Health. The outbreak is in Toronto’s south end, near the Scarborough Bluffs.

It’s the first time the virus has been reported in Toronto.

“We think that one of the people he infected was a young woman, then others got this virus from that,” says Public Health Ontario’s chief of public health, Dr. Barbara Yaffe.

“It’s a virus that is very close to something we deal with domestically, so of course it’s concerning for public health.”

The virus does not appear to be spreading through human to human contact, and Public Health Ontario says the case is being treated as a public health emergency.

The virus has been identified in three people within the last few days. Investigators are trying to determine the source of infection and how the virus is being passed on.

“We know that people can get it from contact with sick animals, and we do think that someone who has just been in contact with a sick pet was most likely an origin of this case,” says Dr. Yaffe.

The man who became sick had no known history of travel or contact with animals. Public Health Ontario is asking anyone who has had close contact with the man to contact the agency at 416-338-1100, ext. 4204 or submit a self-isolation form through 311.

The investigation is part of the agency’s routine public health monitoring.

“We want to make sure we’re tracking what’s going on,” says Dr. Yaffe. “And that’s what we’re working

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