Venezuelan opposition leaders call for coup to remove Maduro

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Venezuela’s leftist leader Nicolas Maduro says he will ask the country’s Supreme Court to change the constitution to allow him to hold onto power for as long as two years.

As the country’s political crisis escalates, a pro-government rally in Caracas was marred by clashes with protesters last week.


In Washington, DC, a senior US official says the Trump administration is considering lifting the sanctions that have been imposed on Venezuelan officials and others involved in the country’s affairs.

And in Cuba, Cuban officials have accused Venezuela of threatening the security of the island nation, as the country faces an economic threat from the collapse of oil sales and the recent drop in oil prices.


The US Treasury Department has sanctioned more than two dozen Venezuelan officials and a number of prominent business leaders for their alleged role in President Nicolas Maduro’s regime.


The US-backed opposition leader Juan Guaido claims the US is trying to stage a military coup in the country and says Trump is trying to overthrow the elected government.

President Trump says his country does not want a foreign power to intervene in Maduro’s regime.

“A coup attempt would destabilize the region and the world at large, and open the door to chaos,” he said.

Venezuela’s socialist leader’s socialist government has faced increasing instability since the election of President Nicolas Maduro as president in March.

His government has announced plans to raise the minimum wage by 50 percent.


He has announced plans to remove the top two officials in the government, but says he still has support, and says his cabinet is working to resolve the situation.

In the midst of all of this, some of the opposition’s top leaders called for an anti-government coup to remove Maduro, and have taken to the streets to put pressure on the socialist leader.

“We are the ones standing in the street fighting for our rights as human beings,” opposition leader Leopoldo López, one of the founders of the protest movement “Bolivarian Nationalist Front, said in a televised address on April 11.

“We are asking the people not to support the current regime. And we

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