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West is still trying to make good his debts with Yeezy

West is still trying to make good his debts with Yeezy

As his businesses fall apart, Kanye West reportedly hires Depp lawyer Camille Vasquez to be his personal manager.

The two sides allegedly “hit it off” after Vasquez met with West, who was “in great spirits since he’s in his third term with his companies [Kanye West LLC, LLC West Holdings & 2, LLC].” The news-making Hollywood lawyer, who represented Michael Jackson in a legal dispute with his sister, Janet, says West told her he was “working on [his] legacy” by setting up the companies with “a good team [that he was] hiring.” “I do not want him to burn bridges. It doesn’t matter how many people hate you as a human, you have to love yourself.”

But in another of those stories about Hollywood, West’s legal team tells TMZ that he is only working with the very best for his “legacy.”

“He is definitely not seeking a personal manager,” a source close to West tells the site. (West previously had a personal manager in the form of manager-slash-solicitor David Pecker.) “Kanye has a team of people he is currently working with that he plans on keeping for the duration of his career.”

West tells TMZ that he is planning to sue his business partners over unpaid dues, and is still trying to make good his debts with Yeezy. West has yet to pay Yeezy over $300,000 he owes them for payments he gave to the company on behalf of his deceased father, who passed away in 2005. West’s father’s estate owed Yeezy more than $700,000.

A representative for Yeezy declined to comment to TMZ, but said earlier this week (as you can see in this video) that West owed $50,000 for a personal loan that was made on Yeezy’s behalf.

“It was a business deal and he wanted to be able to borrow money on Yeezus,” the rep for Yeezy claims when asked if he

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