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Yeezy’s Second Limited Edition Yeezy Season IV’s Are Now Available

Yeezy’s Second Limited Edition Yeezy Season IV’s Are Now Available

What Does the End of Yeezy Mean for the Sneakerverse?

The end of the Yeezy Season, which first started at the start of Spring 2014, marked the official end of the “Yeezy Season”—and the start of the return of the New York City-based sneaker brand. Yeezy returned to New York with a bang, however, with the release of its second limited-edition edition of the Yeezy Season IV model earlier this week.

After dropping a pair of the Yeezy Season IV’s at Westfield Mall in New Jersey on Friday to a small but noticeable, but vocal, crowd, the brand released the sneakers along with a video on their official Facebook page. To say that Yeezy was hyped by the launch of the Yeezy Season IV’s is an understatement. The Yeezy Season IV (2014) were released on Saturday, March 3, and sold out within moments on the first day.

While Yeezy’s first few Yeezy Season IV’s came with a variety of special edition colors, the final two Yeezy Season IV’s are exclusively white featuring the “Yeezy Bespoke” design. The Yeezy Bespoke features the logo of the New York City-based streetwear brand on the heel, tongue, and quarter panels, and features four additional colors, including a dark gray and a black.

According to Yeezy’s Facebook page, the end of Yeezy Season was a successful one.

“We had a great response to the first two new Yeezy Season IV’s that dropped last month,” said Yeezy CEO and founder, Jordan Lee. “So when we hit up the Westfield Mall in New York City on Friday March 2nd we couldn’t have known that it would be only 2 days later that our first two orders from these two pairs were still not finished.”

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