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Yellowstone: 2018 Election Road Trip Edition

Yellowstone: 2018 Election Road Trip Edition

‘Yellowstone’ cast members to saddle up for special Ride to the Polls event


Cast members from the show’s original pilot, Yellowstone (ABC, 9:00-9:30 p.m. ET), are hitting the road for the 2019 election season in a new series of events in support of the show, Yellowstone: 2018 Election Road Trip Edition.

Set to take place in seven states, the event will feature appearances from the cast and executive producers, while offering exclusive opportunities for fans to cast their vote and meet the cast as well. With the election less than three months away, the road-trip-inspired series will offer two opportunities for the fans to visit the various places where the cast has visited and vote in a series of “battleground” elections.

In addition, the series will feature live episodes with the cast and executive producers, highlighting what they’re doing in their states and how their campaigns are building support for their political candidates. The episode will also showcase the cast’s efforts to encourage voters to turn out to cast their ballots, while making the case that Yellowstone is a show that voters can trust when they see themselves in the stars.

“For millions of people, Yellowstone is a gateway to the natural world. We’re taking the excitement for the show and turning it into a unique and energizing way for people to connect and to make their voices heard in an upcoming election,” said Executive Producer Craig Sweeny. “We never thought we’d see a show where all of our cast members could get the opportunity to take this kind of road trip with viewers. I’m so proud that our entire cast is joining us and making it an event to remember!”

“In addition to being a unique way to connect with our community, riding the Yellowstone on election day is going beyond our wildest imagination,” said Executive Producer Andrew Miller. “Our Yellowstone cast is united by their love for nature and our state’s vast natural habitats. We’ve learned so much from working together and want to share it with the rest of the country.”

The 2020 Yellowstone Election Road Trip Edition will be the first step on this two-year journey

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