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Biden’s son will be key to the campaign in Delaware, strategists say

Biden’s son will be key to the campaign in Delaware, strategists say

Biden policies timed to boost voter turnout in November: Dem strategists

Lobbyists for former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden will be given access to the state of Delaware, where a series of elections are being held on Tuesday, a move designed to maximize their efforts to persuade voters to back the Biden ticket, according to Democratic strategists.

“The Biden staff in Delaware, we learned, is not going to be like the National Republican Party staff, where they have their own agenda,” said one Democratic strategist who tracks the Delaware race. “They’re going to be like them in terms of the way they talk, they work and they spend, but they’ll also have the Biden family and Joe Biden’s voice.”

One key player in the campaign in Delaware, said the strategist, will be his son, Hunter. He’ll be appearing in person to speak at an event in New Castle, a swing northern Delaware county, with about 2,500 people on the line, and then later joining the Biden campaign with phone calls, emails and other campaign activity to encourage Democrats to get out to vote.

By putting his son on the trail to bolster the Biden campaign, Biden’s son’s participation in the voter outreach effort will be key to whether it performs well in Delaware, the strategist said.

“If he can get 10 to 15% more Democrats to [vote] this election than what’s happening in other states,” said the strategist, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss private conversations with campaign officials. “… He has a direct connection, a personal connection, to all of these people that they’re spending time and energy on.”

Biden already has a high profile in Delaware, having visited the state twice over the past month — but he has only a handful of stops on his itinerary, meaning the campaign is focused on spreading its message to a much wider audience than one typically sees on the national stage.

“Biden has a lot of time to make an impact. He’

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