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California Cannabis Legislation: Prop. 64

California Cannabis Legislation: Prop. 64

Endorsement: Yes on L.A. County Measure C for regulated cannabis sales (CA-1). This is a great opportunity to start a movement for safe access to low-cost, legal cannabis in California and get it out for public consumption.

Note: The L.A. County Measure C is an amendment to the state’s voter-approved ballot measure on cannabis — Proposition 64. The measure would allow qualified California adults 19 years old and older to purchase up to an ounce of cannabis from legal retailers who have been approved by the state Department of Agriculture to operate retail cannabis stores.

This legislation also would allow the state’s medical cannabis dispensaries and testing labs to be licensed by the state Department of Public Health to conduct regulated testing for cannabis products and test cannabis for potency, shelf life, and potency testing for consumer use.

Prop. 64, the California Compassionate Use Act, is the voter-approved state law that legalized medical cannabis for patients with certain qualifying health conditions. It was passed by the California legislature in 1996, and was the first state law to allow for the cultivation and distribution of medical cannabis. It was signed into law by Governor Pete Wilson.

This is a significant chance to build on that momentum by taking it to the next level and allowing consumers to not just use cannabis, but also consume cannabis for therapeutic purposes without fear of prosecution or stigma.

I am deeply grateful to cannabis activists and to so many in the cannabis community, who have been working for many years to take this movement to the next level, including our national allies at the Drug Policy Alliance.

Note: For more information on what’s in Store C, please click here.

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The bill proposes a simple path toward regulated cannabis sales:

The bill proposes to implement a single set of rules, called the California Cannabis Regulation and Safety Commission (CCRSC), that would govern state-licensed cannabis stores.

The bill would allow the state Health Department, the California Department of Public Health, other state public agencies, and others to participate in the licensing and oversight of the regulated cannabis industry.

The bill would allow the state to appoint the CCRSC’s members (currently appointed by the state’s Attorney General), and would require

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