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I Voted for Rick Caruso in the Special Election

I Voted for Rick Caruso in the Special Election

Letters to the Editor: Rick Caruso isn’t buying an election. His spending is protected speech.

It’s a little late to get all upset about the fact that I voted for Rick Caruso in the special election.

But just so you know, I don’t like it when people I don’t know, and who I consider irrelevant in the process, like the editor of the Press-Democrat go to the polls with a million dollar campaign to run against my friend.

I know Caruso personally only because he’s our city reporter. It’s not his fault that his opponent, Gary Bowers, is a guy who came from the private sector to run on my money.

And I wouldn’t vote for him either — except, of course, for his campaign spending.

Caruso and his allies bought a bus ticket for $9,900 and rode down to Pilsen to a fundraiser in the home of retired police captain Ron Roberts.

The money was donated by the Northwest Side Chamber of Commerce and we wonder why the candidate’s campaign has spent $200,000 on TV ads in the last two weeks.

I didn’t vote for Caruso because I’m a Democrat and Caruso is a Republican. I voted Democrat because I know Caruso for 40 years. I voted Republican because I know him best.

And I voted for Caruso because of the fact that he’s run a good campaign.

What a waste of money.

The only thing in Caruso’s past that interests me is his spending on a campaign that I consider a waste of taxpayer money. To be perfectly honest, if Caruso was a Democrat, I would’ve voted for him.

I’m a Democrat and will work harder to keep him out of office than to vote for him. He needs to be defeated for what he did to protect his own self-interest and his friends.


Ald. Richard Mell told me once he’d vote for my friend. Today, he tells me I’ve gotta get out of the way so someone else can run against him. I don’t understand why he thinks I’m gonna get out of the

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