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Ronaldo says he has no plans to retire and will be playing into his 40s

Ronaldo says he has no plans to retire and will be playing into his 40s

Ronaldo says he is not planning to retire after World Cup

BRAZIL: Ronaldo has told reporters in Brazil that he has no plans to retire and will be playing into his 40s. “I’m not going to retire and maybe to 40 years of age and then come out. I hope not,” he said. His comments come after he had announced his retirement in April, shortly before the start of the world cup.

“I have no plans to retire or not to play. I have five years left on my contract, that’s enough to play as much as I want. I want to play and when I don’t play, I’ll get some rest and relax and play again, when I feel like it,” he said before the match against China.

“I’m enjoying my life, I’m comfortable with my situation and I have my family. I’m happy with everything and I’m in a good place.”

However, he has also warned his team-mates that his time is short.

“I know what’s going on and I am going to have to sacrifice everything. I like to play but I need to make sure that my team-mates are happy when I leave and they have the motivation they need, that’s the only thing I can do,” he said.

“Because my future isn’t in football, I think that I should give my best to win the World Cup and to try and leave a legacy.”

“I’m a family-man, I live life and I enjoy living. I’m not a selfish person. I would do anything for my team-mates and I’m happy for my teammates and the people around me.”

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