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The Balozet Omelet

The Balozet Omelet

James Corden Would Rather Not Talk About That Balthazar Omelet

“I’ve seen this morning show a million fucking times.”

On an episode of Inside Amy Schumer, Jimmy Fallon and the rest of the gang were having an impromptu round table discussion of their time on SNL, only to turn to the host and demand to talk about their SNL sketches.

“What did you do?” Fallon asked. “What is it like? What is it like to not have written out a joke in advance?”

“You just don’t write out a joke in advance unless you’re doing your own impression of what a joke would be,” Amy Schumer said.

That’s not actually true, though the bit got a fair bit of play from fans. The sketch that resulted from the initial conversation was called “The Balozet Omelet,” and is now something of a cult classic. It’s a hilarious sketch that features Kristen Wiig playing a woman who believes she has the life-changing power to make any men in the world fall instantly in love with her, which is exactly what she does. The premise and execution of the sketch have been replicated countless times since then. The only real variation in that bit comes in the name of the original sketch.

The original run of the sketch featured a woman who was unable to perform any of the physical or psychological functions of a normal woman. The sketch was a parody of a classic Balthazar Omelet, or egg-salad sandwich, played by Wiig, who was often seen on the SNL staff as the head of the creative team.

Fallon was often a guest on SNL in those days, so the gag was a fair homage and riff on the bit he’d often seen. For years, it was a fan favorite in all areas of the show. That’s until the beginning of 2015, when

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