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The Book of Mormon: A Musical Performance

The Book of Mormon: A Musical Performance

Why Kerry Condon connected with the sadness and desire to leave in her ‘Banshees’ role in the musical

Last month, I saw The Book of Mormon at the Royal Opera House in London and was amazed at the depth of emotion I heard in the audience. A mixture of tears, laughter, and appreciation erupted in the auditorium. I was happy to witness such a moment, when I realised how moving the show was in terms of the drama, the performance, and the emotion of the actors. Not only was the emotional aspect of the show a beautiful and powerful moment, but it also felt to me that it connected with my own emotions and fears.

I wanted to do it again.

And again. And again.

I watched the first half of the run and loved every second. The performance felt right for me. The story felt like my own story, about people and things I know, and yet it was an emotionally moving and uplifting tale that I connected to.

The second half of the run was just as amazing, and I remember thinking how brilliant, how powerful it was, and how I couldn’t believe all the people had come in that long to see such a beautiful musical.

To me, the second half of the show was even more amazing. The second half is the story of how, in the end, the whole group, including the mother who has to go away and look after her children, is pulled together after the tragedy. They find a way and they come together and sing and dance and sing again and again.

So, when I asked my friend Kerry Condon to play the role of the mother from the musical in the final weeks of rehearsals and the weeks leading up to the big musical performance in Dublin, I wasn’t expecting a joyous emotional and sweet moment. I did not expect to be blown away, or to be transported by the strength and poignancy of the show, or by the incredible love and devotion of all the cast.

But of course, my expectations were surpassed when Kerry and her entire company came to me with such joy, and so much love, and such gratitude for the opportunity to play this huge musical, and to be part of such a moving, wonderful, heart-warming, and beautiful musical.

The first time I met Kerry was on a visit to the

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