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The National Conference on Latino Arts and Cultures

The National Conference on Latino Arts and Cultures

Are you Latino and want a career in the arts but don’t know where to start? Try these programs.

The Latino Arts and Culture program began in 1984 with a group of 12 Latino arts professionals who met in a downtown Pittsburgh conference room to start thinking about ways Latinos could be employed in the arts.

Those who participated in the discussion that day took the idea and built it into a full-time program three years later. The first program, in 1987, provided training courses in arts management, marketing, business development and business management. The Hispanic Center of Excellence in Arts Management was created in 1988 and served as a launchpad for the first national conference of Latinos in the Arts with its theme, “Arts As A Latino Way of Life.”

“The National Conference on Latino Arts and Cultures grew out of the Hispanic Center in 1988 and is now one of the largest gatherings of Latinos in the arts in the country,” said Juana M. Sison, who heads up the center and is also the director of the National Arts Consortium for Latinos, a program designed to ensure that Latino artists have the opportunity to participate in the nation’s arts and cultural life.

For more information about the center contact Juana M. Sison at [email protected] or 412-472-5455.

The National Arts Consortium for Latinos (NACL) is a program funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, which seeks to facilitate the participation of Latinos in the U.S. arts and cultural sector.

“Today’s Latino youth are among the most educated and involved in social issues today,” said NACL director and Latina director of the University of Pittsburgh’s Guggenheim Center for the Latino Arts, Eulalio Delgado. “They are not an easy target for discrimination. We have to find ways to promote education in the arts to a larger audience.”

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