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Three dead Americans found dead in three different hotels in Mexico

Three dead Americans found dead in three different hotels in Mexico

Three Americans found dead from carbon monoxide poisoning at Mexico City Airbnb, official says (updated)

Mexican police discovered three dead Americans in three different hotels in the Mexican capital.

The three Americans were found dead in three different hotels on separate days just days after they were booked for one night, but their belongings were left behind in the first one of the three for which there are no official reports of body bags.

Officials had the first of the three hotels sealed off after the discovery, and a group of Mexican cops spent hours inside it after the incident there.

It was only when their body bags were found that the authorities were allowed to go in and out of the other two, and they found them with one of the missing bodies.

The first hotel, where the group of three were found dead, has been sealed off. (Francisco Secós, AFP via Getty Images)

A spokesman for a local police force, which operates the area and handles the investigation, said the first hotel, Hostal Los Arcos, had been sealed off after the three Americans, a father and his son, were found dead inside a room from which the bodies can’t be found.

“The father and son were inside the room, and apparently there was a problem and they locked the door so as to prevent anyone from getting to them,” said José Antonio Alonso, a local police official.

A second hotel in which the dead Americans were found has been opened, but it remains shuttered.

A man who identifies himself as the father of the three Americans and said his son was with him inside the third hotel, called Hotel Los Arcos, told the newspaper El Universal the family had booked the room on a recent trip to Mexico and were spending just one night there.

“The family is very sad, very sad. I am also sad. The father is the one who is most sad,” said the man who identified himself on camera as David, with a tattoo reading “pachuco” on his forearm. The man asked that his identity be concealed for privacy reasons.

“They left behind a suitcase full of clothes, but they said nothing.”

The bodies of the Americans, who were in their 50s, were found hanging in

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