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Walking in Israelis’ Shoes

Walking in Israelis’ Shoes

Letters to the Editor: Walk in Israelis’ shoes before criticizing their election choices

Israel continues to provide a haven to a vast array of terror groups. In fact it had created a ‘terrorist state’. The State of Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. You and all the others who are so quick to condemn Israel, for the benefit of some political parties and their voters, you yourselves would be walking in Israelis’ shoes. The world you claim to despise, and the one you speak of having ‘walked in the shoes’ of Israel – they are the same person. When you do not realize, that’s the way of the world. There are many more in the world, who have walked in Israeli’s shoes, so much so, that they have written down their stories, what they experienced, and for what purpose. I have, and many others have too, so I know what it’s like to walk in Israelis’ shoes.

We are in the last stage of World War 3, after the Islamic Jihad, the Islamic State, the Al Shabab, etc… are taken out and killed at the very same time, we go on and on about peace and security. We go on and on about, but there are no peace. In the Middle East, it is one big war, with each side trying to grab all the wealth, power, and the control of the country. We want to live in peace, but in fact, what we are witnessing, if we take our eyes off it, is a war to the death and destruction.

The so-called “peace”, however, does not exist – all the international organizations that exist to end wars, and to bring stability to the international community like the United Nations have been taken over by the Zionists, and the “peace” has turned into a new form of terror and war.

Israel is a cancer that does not go away – Israel continues to grow. Israel has killed more Muslims, Christians, and Jews, than any other country,

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